Lustron Exhibit in Minneapolis MN

As the owner of a historic Lustron (Bluff View House) I was contacted May 2nd by Charles J. Mintz, a photographer. Mintz is working with the Cleveland, OH Historical Society and going around taking photos of owners with their Lustron Homes. He has an Exhibit in Minneapolis/St. Paul later this month in which several of his “Lustron” photos will be displayed. Mintz hopes to complete the project by the end of this year and publish a book with the Lustron photos in 2014.

Today, Mintz arrived with his old style “box” camera. Pretty neat! What character is has and brings to the photography experience for both the person being photographed as well and the photographer. While Mintz set up his camera I was able to review some of his work including 3 of his books. One of his books I really enjoyed looking at was called Precious Objects. You can learn more at Mintz spent about about 45 minutes taking my photo inside as well as outside my Lustron. It takes a bit more time with the old camera and one needs to pay more attention to set up given the glare from the shinny steel walls and ceiling that can interfere with photo quality. After the photo shoot I was asked to write a few paragraphs about my Lustron.

Later today he will be visiting a couple other Lustron homeowners in La Crosse. Yesterday he photographed owners in Minnesota, including Rochester.

You can learn more about Charles Mintz and his impressive work so far on his website or join him on
We will all have to wait until he is all done taking the photos for this project until he is ready to show the photos in an exhibit. I am looking forward to the finished product!