Lustron at the Preservation Alliance of La Crosse Society

This evening I did a one hour presentation on Lustron Homes. The Preservation Alliance of La Crosse Society (PALS) requested I do a presentation at the Pump House here in La Crosse since I have owned a Lustron (Bluff View House) for almost seven years.

There must have been close to 50 guests of various backgrounds that came for presentation. Many questions were asked as I spoke using my visual presentation as a guide. Some guests were already familiar with Lustrons and still learned even more unique things about these historic homes. After we ended the presentation the questions continued to flow as we gathered in the lobby of the Pump House for refreshments. Great to have so much enthusiasm!

Many were surprised to find out that a matching garage was available when ordering your Lustron. There is a Lustron garage on Jackson Street in La Crosse. Some guests shared their experiences with Lustrons in our area which indicated the need to continue working to protect the remaining Lustrons. The Lustron for sale on the south side of town is of concern since the land is zoned commercial. Will the house end up being torn down? One suggestion from the audience was that PALS check into relocating or salvaging the house for parts.

One of the reasons I turned my Lustron into a Vacation Rental was so I could share this historic house with as many as possible. In a sense I “get paid” to give tours every time someone checks into Bluff View House. Pretty neat!